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07441 434421

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Got a call from 07441-434421? This phone number has been searched for 106 times. Check out the comments below to find out who called you.

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+44 7441 434421 / +447441434421

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United Kingdom

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Comments for 07441 4344215


Ritchies free-manny 29 Aug, 2021

David Burch is a dangerous individual . He likes to stalk and harass people with blackmails. He calls of encrypted phones and request cryptocurrency. He is wanted by the police . He calls of the numbers below ! Beware of the numbers below at all cost ! He stole thousands from his ex employer ! +44 7441 434421 +44 7960 479192 +44 7441 439155 +44 7520 605898 07423 490703

Call Type: Prank CallCaller David burch

Adam Cole 28 Aug, 2021

Threatening me with black mail ! Only meet this person once , he’s gay and crazy !

Call Type: Prank CallCaller David

Mathew 26 Aug, 2021

- ME172AR - Myrtle house - is the location if this caller. Sends threatening text ! No idea who this is !

Call Type: ScamCaller Burch

Daniel 20 Aug, 2021

Dave burch is a drug addict who date rapes younger men !

Call Type: UnknownCaller Tried to sale me drugs

Noah 16 Jun, 2021

Con artist web designer trying to scam people

Call Type: ScamCaller David Burch Kent ME17

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Twice so far, this number has called me – they said hello, then they hung up. The calls lasted for 9 seconds and 11 seconds respectively. Annoying – I'm waiting for a third call. Might be a scam. If it was a legit call, they would not have hung up. My advice is to let them speak, let them say who they are, let them do all the talking and say nothing.

Call Type:Prank Call


Called me, I got a robot voice that said no one was available to come to the phone right now!!! And that they would call back later!!! Annoying.

Call Type:Unknown


Called 12 times in rapid succession to my phone abroad. I didn’t answer.

Call Type:Unknown


the person that's calling has a british accent and ist talking something about my has been used by others to do bad things

Call Type:Scam


No response when I answered.

Call Type:Unknown