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07451 226007

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Got a call from 07451-226007? This phone number has been searched for 62 times. Check out the comments below to find out who called you.

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+44 7451 226007 / +447451226007

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United Kingdom

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Comments for 07451 2260075


Anonymous 16 Sep, 2021

Been receiving constant calls and texts since posting Gumtree ad. After asking callers to my number they stated threatening me with sexual violence. Very unleash characters. Tried to report to Cyber Crime but couldn't get through. I think they are in Bradford judging from the landlines some calls came from. Do not engage!! Report and block!!

Call Type: ScamCaller Unknown

Anon 16 Sep, 2021

Fake response to my Gumtree ad, as per other reports Block/. Sent report to WhatsApp.

Call Type: ScamCaller Brandon (WhatsApp enquiry)

Anonymous 05 Sep, 2021

Replied to my Gumtree Ad advertising a cot bed for sale. Asked what condition the item was in and price, even though both were listed on ad. I said I was open to offers but he didn’t make one and just asked for my PayPal details for he could pay me and then send a courier to collect. My intuition said something wasn’t right, so googled the number and found the above comments confirming my suspicions! I didn’t send PayPal details and instead sent him a link to pay for the item via eBay instead - doubt I’ll ever hear from him again!

Call Type: ScamCaller Brandon

Anonymous 20 Aug, 2021

Wanted to buy an item from us advertised on Gumtree, via PayPal and would send a courier to collect. Highvalue items but didn't ask any questions or haggle on price. We blocked the number and didn't give any PayPal information. Very unlikely to have been genuine.

Call Type: Scam

Anonymous 18 Jul, 2021

Using this number as part of a FB Scam to "Sell" non existent horses

Call Type: UnknownCaller Horse adoption line

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