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07520 665412

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Got a call from 07520-665412? This phone number has been searched for 744 times. Check out the comments below to find out who called you.

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+44 7520 665412 / +447520665412

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United Kingdom

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Comments for 07520 6654129


nm 22 Mar, 2021

1 par semainei x 2 ne pas répondre, et je suis au Canada

Call Type: UnknownCaller pas repondu

Anonymous 22 Mar, 2021

100 spam call. very noisy background. The lady was clearly from a call centre. She said I was specially chosen by the company and if I was interested. I said politely, no, I'm not but thank you for the call and if she can please remove me from the database. She didn't take my no for an answer and kept saying to listen to what she still had to say. I kept saying I'm not interested and that she clearly wasn't listening to me so am going to hang up. And I hang up. and blocked the number. Be polite they don't listen. Be rude they don't listen. what can do. feel sorry they have to do this for a job.

Call Type: UnknownCaller no idea

Anonymous 22 Mar, 2021

Said they got number from FCA and that i could google it. I asked to speak to manager as i asked to be removed from database 4 times. She got rude and told me that as she listened to me i had to listen to her! Cheeky woman.

Call Type: Scam

Anonymous 22 Mar, 2021

Asian lady was speaking, but the line was very poor & I could barely understand them. Mentioned something about investment & finance. I said I wasn’t interested, it was a scam & I wasn’t giving any information over the phone. She said she had information for me. I sometimes like to play with these pricks, so I said “come on then, hit me with your information” I was passed onto an American sounding lady who started waffling about golden investments & asking why I had never invested & asked if it was money. I said I knew it was a scam & it was none of their business & asked them to remove my number from their list. She got very arsey & said “madam, why are you judging a book by its cover? This is is not a scam, we are a genuine investment company”. she was still waffling her nonsense as I took the phone away from my ear to hang up.

Call Type: ScamCaller Not Known

Anonymous 22 Mar, 2021

Had a strong Asian accent. Couldn’t really understand what he was saying but he mentioned finance. Hung up on him after that.

Call Type: ScamCaller Didn’t get Name

Anonymous 22 Mar, 2021

Rude man who could barely speak English.

Call Type: Scam

Anonymous 22 Mar, 2021

Investment call. Put phone down. Scammers

Call Type: ScamCaller Couldn't hear

Anonymous 22 Mar, 2021

Rude, arrogant, ignorant arsehole who wouldn't stop talking about a golden investment that I shouldn't miss. SCAMMERS.

Call Type: ScamCaller Motormouth

Anonymous 22 Mar, 2021

Said I had signed up to a company about investing. Spoke over me and didn't let me speak at all. Then got rude and swore at me when I told him to be quiet for a second as I wasn't interested. I asked him to take my name off the phone list, which he ignored.

Call Type: Scam

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He want something to buy in my eBay account and want also I buy a gaming card to Aldi over 200€ and send them in the same packet as the shoes. I think it&039s a cheater.

Call Type:Prank Call


i called back and automated options to select form - some customer service -i didnt quite catch the name of the for organisation ?cloud cover

Call Type:Telemarketing


Was a legitimate call, but this number masked a Telford number for the originating call.

Call Type:Unknown


we received a call from this number. since then we get the engaged tone when we try to get a line

Call Type:Unknown


Claimed to be from Carphone Warehouse trying to sell i phones. Cut off when I asked for more identity details.

Call Type:Scam